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Decompress your downloaded archive

The complete DVD can be decompressed when all parts of the dvd archive in the selected format are successfully downloaded. The archive is a splitted file so to decompress your DVD movie you need all files in one folder.

The ZIP archive can be decompressed in Windows with WinZip. If you've chosen the 7-ZIP format you can decompress the DVD in Windows with and on Max systems with Sixty Five.

Please take care to have enought free disk space for decompress the files. We recommend 8GB free disk space.

After you've successfully decompressed your archive a new folder "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS" is created. The folder VIDEO_TS contains all movie file data which can be played now with every DVD-Software or on DVD-Player. The folder AUDIO_TS is empty but should not be deleted because of compatibility. The downloaded archive files can now be deleted.

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