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License Agreement

(a) Accepted license use: If you’ve obtained the right of use a picture this right is only legal depending the owned licence and if the use is not violating the “excluded licence use”.

(1) Web licence: With this license the picture can be used only for advertisement and promotion on websites.

(2) Normal Print, Quality Print and Maximal Dimension Print: With this licences the picture can be used for all print media (e.g. magazines, flyer, books and posters). The three licenses differ only in the picture dimension and consequential the quality for print.

(3) Photography Rights: This special license transfers the exclusive right of the picture from the photographer to the customer. Already given rights of use are not affected. The picture will be taken from PhotographyScout and the photographer grant to not offer anymore rights of use to anyone else.

(b) Excluded licence use: The right of use is defined in the section “accepted license use” and is accepted if it’s not violating to the following terms:

(1) Obtain the right of use intended to resale, re-sell, sub-licenses, assign, lend, gift or other transfer or distribute the picture.

(2) Use or display the picture for multiple projects (e.g. website and print). Every type of special use of a project needs an own license (e.g. one web license and one print license).

(3) Use or display the picture that can humiliate or damage a displayed models or the photographer reputation.

(4) Use or display the picture to glorify or support criminal offence, drug abuse or any type of crime.

(5) Use or display the picture for editorial use without the following information “©” followed by the name of the photographer.

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