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Terms of Use


This agreement governs the general situation buying artistic media (photographies, movies, ...) which are offered at of the JB Studios GmbH ("Bertoni-Shop"). These items are complete artistic works and it's not allowed to describe these different. Bertoni-Shop is a platform between the owner of medias any type and customers. Bertoni-Shop undertakes the task to organise handover, transfer and payment for the media. The handover, transfer and payment are realized fully digital. Depend on a legal payment the customer gains the rights to use this item personally.

Rights of Use

It’s not allowed to use, change, copy, publish or download the small examples shown at Bertoni-Shop or parts of it without a legal rights of use.

General License Uses

A customer obtains the personal right of use of a media after a successful payment. Every price is as shown at the website if not especially stated includes the legal taxes.

After a valid payment the customer can download the selected media in the personally selected format in his personal account as paid. Bertoni-Shop is engaged to offer you error and trouble free services. Bertoni-Shop can’t be liable for any errors or technical problems on the part of the customer or the server provider of Bertoni-Shop. The customer should contact our team on technical problems or existing questions. A payback is only possible within 7 days after payment receipt and the request of the customer possible.

After a successful valid payment Bertoni-Shop grant a perpetual, not exclusive, not transferable worldwide right to use the media in personal use. All other rights at media including shown object, persons, buildings and matters will be not transmitted and remain at the individual rights owner.

License Agreement

(a) Accepted license use: If you’ve obtained the right to get media this right is only legal depending on the successful payment and if the use is not violating the “excluded licence use”.

(b) Excluded licence use: The right of use is defined in the section “accepted license use” and is accepted if it’s not violating to the following terms:

(1) Obtain the right of use intended to resale, re-sell, sub-licenses, assign, lend, gift or other transfer or distribute the media.

(2) Use or display the media in public.

(3) Use or display the media that can humiliate or damage a displayed models or the offerer reputation.

(4) Use or display the media to glorify or support criminal offence, drug abuse or any type of crime.

(5) Use or display the media for editorial use.

Legality of the Rights of Use

On probable cause of illegal use of medias Bertoni-Shop is allowed to demand for the legal rights of use. On breach of agreement Bertoni-Shop is allowed to lodge a claim forfeit of 1000 Euro and reserve the right to take legal action.

Model Release

All presented models are at least in age of 18 years and have given the right JB Studios GmbH to publish, sell and distribute the media.

Limitation of Liability

In no event is Bertoni-Shop particularly the JB Studios GmbH or any of its directors, agents, partner or employees are liable for any direct or indirect damages or indemnities for the use of Bertoni-Shop, content, pictures, videos, medias, information, details, copyright violation, damaging personal rights or trademark rights even if Bertoni-Shop has been advised of the possibility of damages, property rights, infringements or otherwise. In any event the total maximum aggregate liability of violations or damages in any manner shall be limited to 1000 Euro (one thousand Euro).

Applicable Law

Bertoni-Shop will be controlled, managed, operates and is governed in the law of Ennetbaden Switzerland. Because of the international orientation Bertoni-Shop is worldwide reachable. With accessing Bertoni-Shop you accept Bertoni-Shop is directly responsible to the law of Switzerland. You also accept the use of our service is without any constrains and all rights of use have to be governed in the law of Switzerland.

Security and Privacy Protection

Bertoni-Shop realizes all technical possible effort to protect personal account and payment information. Private information are handled strongly private and only used for payment transfer or on lawful damages. In terms of security or privacy protection Bertoni-Shop or JB Studios GmbH is not liable for any claim of damages.


You affirm that you’ve fully read, understand and accept everything of these terms of use. If you haven’t understood something of this agreement you will not use the service of Bertoni-Shop before contacting us.


If you have any questions to the website, the uses of the website or about the terms of use please contact us.

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